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Vision & Dental



It has been reported that Americans are exhausting their eyes because of too much screen time, which can cause vision problems such as eye strain, irritation, dryness, fatigue, blurred vision and sleep problems. Protecting your eyes starts with having routine eye exams.

Trinity Insurance offers Select Vision by Ameritas- eye med. This individual vision insurance offers yearly eye exams, Lenses & Frames or Contact Lenses once every 24 months with no waiting time.

The Vision Services and Standard Lens Enhancements come with a low Co-pay for In-Network practices.

Monthly cost can be as low as $10.67 a month with a annual commitment!

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With plans to choose from keeping your smile bright and protecting your dental health just became a whole lot easier at an affordable price.

Preventive dental care can save you money by keeping your mouth protected from more serious dental issues. Besides protecting your smile, regular dental check-ups help monitor your overall health. Many risks, such as diabetes, oral cancer and heart disease can be detected early on by a dentist.

The plans are designed for those who value the freedom to visit any dentist, but will enjoy additional savings with a dental network provider.

Each plan provides a different level of benefits to meet your individual needs.

  • All plans cover preventive services, such as an annual dental exam and cleaning, at 100% when visiting a network provider.

  • You have the freedom to use any dentist with the opportunity to save an average of 30% with an Ameritas Dental Network provider.